Solar /wind systems delivers cost effective energy values to your homes and businesses , we take great pride in our commitment to providing personal and professional services in a responsive, high-quality manner ” – CEO

VLT Energy Solutions specializes in the design, supply and installation of solar electric and wind power systems for domestic, commercial and public sector applications.  We offer unsurpassed customer service and high quality components at competitive prices.

We are in business to provide alternative energy  to improve electricity  situation in West Africa by tapping the huge potential in the power of the sun and wind. These abundant natural resources in the continent are viable alternatives to grid electricity and fossil fuel power generators used in millions of homes and businesses in West Africa.

Solar and Wind Energy can empower

Our client customized  solar/wind system deployment have made homes and businesses become more independent from the utility and becoming sustainable and profitable.

Solar Energy is Affordable

Solar/wind systems are quite cheaper on a long term basis comparable with  fossil fuel generator

Renewable Energy is Clean

Sunlight and wind are the least polluting and cheapest fuel sources to use. It is noiseless and with zero emission

Solar and Wind  Energy Makes Financial Sense

Add value to your home, invest in renewables and realize significant cost-savings on your energy bills. Our client base attest to this.

Solar/Wind Energy is Long Lasting

There are 25 year warranties on solar panels, and you can expect many more years of dependable service from your system.

Is To Be the Renewable Energy Solutions Provider of Choice in West Africa

Is helping our customers to unlock renewable energy solutions to support their homes and business vision

Giving the customers the best value for money

Client Testimonials

It is our commitment to improve the lives whether as a business or private of all those who interact with our brand in the communities we operate in.  Our client bases attest to this.


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